Seamus MacGearailt

Seamus MacGearailt

TII and Galway County Council


Roughan & O’Donovan developed the design for an off-road, shared-use footpath and cycleway along the entire length of the newly constructed N59 single carriageway at Derrylea, near Clifden, Co. Galway.



The project allowed us to assess alternative construction techniques, including paver-laid sub-base, to achieve a high-quality and smooth surface finish for the cycleway.

To minimise costs, we used redundant old road pavement, construction tracks remaining from realignment works and existing verges.

Sections across bog/peat areas were constructed using a floating construction technique consisting of:

  • Geotextiles laid directly upon the bog
  • Capping laid with low ground pressure plant
  • A sub-base laid with paving machines
  • A single layer of blacktop finish

This was a pilot scheme for a new, more affordable and better road type for cyclists and pedestrians.


This was a first of its kind project in terms of providing cyclists and pedestrians with a dedicated segregated facility on a national road scheme.

The design was based on the draft National Roads Authority design standard for cycle/pedestrian facilities in rural areas, which Roughan & O'Donovan had previously completed.

Technical guidance documents were prepared that ultimately led to the publication of a new Design Standard TD 300 for Cycling Facilities in Rural Areas within the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB).


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