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Samuel Beckett Bridge

This opening steel bridge was designed by Santiago Calatrava who employed ROD as sub-consultants to undertake the Category III check and the design of the RC elements and roadworks. The central axis of the bridge aligns with Guild Street on the northern side of the Liffey, and crosses the river at right angles to connect with Sir John Rogerson’s Quay.

The bridge cross-section includes four traffic lanes initially, of which two will be converted to public transport lanes in the future to cater for the proposed Docklands Area Bus Service and possibly a future Light Rail Transit Line. The bridge is a cable-stayed structure with a span of 120m between the north and south quay walls. An asymmetric shape is provided through positioning of the pylon outside of the navigation channel.

The cable-stay pylon has a curved profile leaning northward and as a result of this dramatic shape the bridge has the appearance of a harp lying on its side. Occasional ship traffic to the section of the river upstream of the proposed bridge site is accommodated through an opening rotation mechanism.

The bridge superstructure was fabricated at Hollandia facilities in Rotterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands and was then transported to Ireland by sea-going barges where it was floated into position. The contract also included the construction of a control room on the quay for the operation of the rotation machinery.

This bridge was awarded the Engineers Ireland Engineering Project of the Year.