Eoin Ó Catháin

Eoin Ó Catháin

Transport Infrastructure Ireland
JV Partner


In 2020, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) engaged ROD to support its preparations for Brexit, and in particular the development of its Brexit readiness strategy encompassing both infrastructure and communications.

In early 2021, ROD provided operational support to TII in the implementation of its Brexit readiness strategy.


  • Successful early deployment of intelligent transport system (ITS) infrastructure, including CCTV cameras, advance motorway indicators and variable message signs, to enhance communications to road users
  • High visibility of publications, with the Minister of Transport and the Minister of State announcing details of the Brexit-related Traffic Management Plan for Dublin Port and Dublin City from the newly constructed Motorway Operations Control Centre
  • Successful and timely implementation of all preparatory measures


ROD prepared an M50 and Dublin Tunnel resilience strategy document, identifying suitable traffic management strategies to minimise the potential for traffic disruption arising from any Brexit delays at Dublin Port.

Arising from the strategy, resilience measures were implemented to facilitate the management of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) traffic on the national road network and provide shock-absorbing capacity in the event of delays in Dublin Port causing congestion on the upstream road network, in particular the Dublin Tunnel, the M50 and the M1.

Measures included:

  • design and construction of a new turnaround facility at M50 Junction 1 (Dublin Port)
  • design and construction of ramp metering signals on the M50 to tunnel slip road
  • advance deployment of lane control signals and variable message signs to the section of the M50 between Junctions 4 (Ballymun) and 3 (M1) to provide additional information to drivers, where necessary
  • establishment of a multi-agency Brexit Traffic Management Group to oversee the implementation of key traffic management decisions in the event of delays
  • provision of off-network truck storage, if required
  • production of an information leaflet designed to provide guidance and advice to hauliers on what to expect when driving to Dublin Port post-Brexit


  • Delivery of services with tight deadline constraints
  • Evolving scope definition arising from the consultation process with multiple stakeholders, including government agencies, contractors and project teams
  • Multidisciplinary design input
  • Realignment of existing works and maintenance programmes to prioritise timely delivery of Brexit-related measures

Services provided:

  • Engineering consultancy
  • Civil engineering design
  • Project management

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