We assessed the condition of the existing flood defences at locations identified as susceptible to flooding and, using surveys of the existing culverts, determined where rehabilitation or replacement works were required.
Lewis Feely

Lewis Feely

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
JV Partner


ROD-AECOM brought this scheme from an initial flood alleviation study through planning and design to construction.  We also undertook the roles of employer’s representative and PSDP for the scheme.


Our initial flood alleviation study addressed the key issues pertaining to flooding along the stream, with a focus on identifying and confirming hydraulic deficiencies in the system and providing solutions for flood alleviation.

We used the Infoworks RS modelling package to undertake a detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the catchment.

Flood alleviation measures incorporated into the design included:

  • Provision of additional flood defence walls
  • Provision of additional culverts and manhole chambers
  • Modifications to existing stream structures
  • Stream training and channel widening
  • Culvert inlet improvement measures
  • Upgrade of existing trash screens and provision of new trash screens
  • Provision of access to trash screens for maintenance


The works took place in a highly urbanised environment with heavily trafficked roads and significant traffic management measures were required.

Extensive consultation with affected landowners proved necessary as the flood alleviation measures involved works on private property.

Service providers, including ESB, Eircom and Bord Gais, were consulted, and appropriate remedial measures, including protection and diversion of existing services and utilities, were agreed.

Services provided:

  • Flood alleviation study
  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Hydrological and hydraulic assessment
  • Planning
  • Contract management
  • Employer’s Representative
  • PSDP
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