John Paul Rooney

John Paul Rooney

Clare County Council


Roughan & O’Donovan prepared variation No. 3 to the Clare county development plan 2011-2017, the South Clare LAP 2012-2018 and the East Clare LAP 2011-2017 to safeguard the preferred route of the Limerick northern distributor road (LNDR) within the plan area.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

We prepared a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) under the Planning and Development (Strategic Environmental Assessment) Regulations 2004–2011.

It examined the possible impacts of the LNDR on the environment of South Clare, including:

  • Urban settlements
  • Flora and fauna
  • Landscape
  • Human health
  • Population

Appropriate Assessment Natura Impact Report (NIR)

We prepared an Appropriate Assessment Natura Impact Report (NIR) under the EU Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC).

It examined the likely significant effects of the proposed variation on European sites, including candidate Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas.

Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)

Our FRA demonstrated that the flood risk associated with the proposed LNDR could be adequately managed and the use or development of the lands to construct it would not cause unacceptable adverse impacts.


The LNDR crosses a site with numerous environmental and hydrological constraints, including the Lower River Shannon Special Area of Conservation (SAC), multiple watercourse crossings and an extensive floodplain.

Carrying out the SEA and AA processes, in parallel with the preparation of the variation, ensured that potential environmental impacts associated with the implementation of the variation were given appropriate consideration.

Services provided:

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Flooding/Flood Risk Assessment
  • Appropriate Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment