The cycleway will herald a new era of long-distance cycle commuting in Ireland, with the bike as the answer to traffic and environmental problems.
Seamus MacGearailt

Seamus MacGearailt

Westmeath County Council
JV Partner


Roughan & O’Donovan-AECOM is providing full engineering services for this dedicated coast-to-coast cycleway stretching 276km across the country and linking Dublin to Galway.


The scheme is based on the highly successful Great Western Greenway in Mayo and will offer cyclists scenic views of diverse landscape, including coastline, boglands, woodlands and watercourses.

Key features:

  • 91km of towpath along the Royal Canal Network
  • 45km of disused railway line from Mullingar to Athlone
  • 140km of new build cycleway from Athlone to Galway
  • New bridges across the rivers Shannon and Suck
  • Regular service facilities


The consultation process between local authorities and more than 1,000 landowners represents the key challenge.

Services provided:

  • Civil engineering design
  • Planning and development
  • Construction management