We developed, through robust risk and uncertainty modelling, an operational analysis framework to consider the coupled impacts of extreme, rare, natural hazard events on interdependent critical infrastructure networks.
Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly

EU FP7 framework funded project


Roughan & O’Donovan Innovative Solutions (ROD-IS) co-ordinated this EU-FP7 funded project aimed at establishing the resilience of European road and rail infrastructure networks to extreme, low probability, natural hazard events.


We developed practical software tools and benchmark guidelines to enable European infrastructure managers to:

  • Assess the probability of occurrence of extreme rare events
  • Establish the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to extreme rare events
  • Develop robust mitigation and response strategies


In developing our stress test framework, we needed to consider not only individual hazards that pose a risk to specific infrastructure systems but also the coupled interdependencies of:

  • Critical infrastructure
  • Climate change
  • Cascading hazards
  • Cascading effects
  • Time dependent vulnerability

Services provided:

  • Risk-based asset management
  • Data analysis