Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe

Managing Director
Mayo County Council
JV Partner
AECOM (Phases 1-4)


Roughan & O’Donovan-AECOM acted as consultant engineers for the Phases 1-4 planning stage of this project comprising 20km Type 2 dual carriageway from Westport to east of Castlebar and 2.5km Type 2 single carriageway bypass to the north of Westport.

In August 2017, Roughan & O’Donovan was appointed by Mayo County Council to undertake Phases 5-7 of the project.

Our work covered development of:

  • Detailed works requirements
  • Procurement
  • Contract administration
  • Construction supervision


The proposed road development consists of a major upgrade of the N5 from east of Castlebar, through to and including a section of the N59 north of Westport, bypassing both Castlebar and Westport.

The first commission involved an initial constraints study, a review of previous route studies developed for the N5 and an appraisal of new route options.

Preliminary design followed adoption of the preferred route and was undertaken in conjunction with:

  • Development of land requirements
  • Environmental and traffic studies
  • Project appraisal in line with Government requirements for capital works


The Phases 1-4 commission extended east of Castlebar to the far side of the village of Bohola.

An Bord Pleanála’s decision to refuse the application for the adjacent N26 Ballina to Bohola phase 2 scheme posed challenges for the eastern tie-in of the project.

We undertook a separate study to check the validity of the connection point of the N26 and the N5.

It was decided to terminate the N5 Westport to Bohola road project at a point east of Turlough village, from where the route could be continued based on a future re-evaluation of the N26 connection.

Significant changes have been introduced to TII design standards since the planning approval and Compulsory Purchase Order was made in early 2014.

The works requirements, developed as part of the Phase 5-7 commission, aim to adopt these changes where possible and define appropriate departures from standards where full compliance would contradict the statutory approvals.

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