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Joe Kelly

Skanska UK
Birmingham, UK


Roughan & O'Donovan was commissioned by Skanksa UK to conduct a load capacity assessment of the bridge, with the aim of helping the bridge owner to minimise risk and achieve value for money by avoiding unnecessary strengthening.


Navigation Street Bridge is a 1960’s bridge consisting of concrete-encased steel beams, reinforced concrete slabs, pre-tensioned and post-tensioned concrete.


Our review of the many assessments conducted on the structure between 2004 and 2013 identified several opportunities to increase the live load rating, including:

  • Consideration of worst credible strengths from testing performed on the bridge
  • Application of k-factors from BD21/01 to the Annex D assessment vehicles
  • Re-evaluation of the dead load/geometry
  • Refinements of the structural modelling

These opportunities may allow the structure to be reassessed deterministically, with the further possibility of a detailed probabilistic assessment as part of stage two.


Minimising physical works on a structure located at a critical intersection, over the main railway line in a busy city centre, represented our key challenge.

Services provided:

  • Bridge engineering design
  • Risk assessment

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