John Paul Rooney

John Paul Rooney

South Dublin County Council
South Dublin


ROD was commissioned by South Dublin County Council to prepare a surface water drainage study to assess the impact of increased surface water run-off from areas zoned for development within the towns of Newcastle, Rathcoole and Saggart in the local area plan (LAP).


The surface water drainage study includes an assessment of the existing public surface water networks serving Newcastle, Rathcoole and Saggart to determine the capacity uplift requirements necessary to facilitate the development areas zoned in the county development plan and LAPs.

A detailed investigative review will examine existing public surface water sewers and channels to identify future remediation works to allow for the additional areas zoned for development. The review will take account of climate change and the introduction of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) where possible.

Services provided:

Surface water drainage study

Water Pipes

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