Do you remember leaving university and thinking that exams and assignments were a thing of the past? It doesn’t take long to realise that the workplace can be an equally competitive learning environment.

‘Feeling that you are constantly being judged on your knowledge and skills and benchmarked against your peers can be difficult for graduates,’ says Roughan & O’Donovan’s Managing Director, Harry Meighan. ‘That’s why we have developed a specific support programme to guide and assist them in reaching their next career milestone: becoming chartered.’

Pathway to Chartership Support Programme

Roughan & O’Donovan’s ‘Pathway to Chartership Support Programme’ provides a combination of project experience, formal training and mentoring support to help young engineers build the knowledge, skills and competencies they need to achieve the chartership title.

Throughout the process, participants receive the support of trained mentors, experienced line-managers and well-informed colleagues.  They work on a variety of projects across a range of teams, meeting clients and forming networks within the industry.

Graduates who need to top up their formal qualifications to meet the requirements for chartership are encouraged to undertake part-time study and given the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects.

The motivation to keep learning

For Colm Hoey, an engineer about to progress from the company’s graduate development programme onto the chartership path, knowing that that the structure is in place to help him develop his career to the next level is a great motivation to keep up the learning habit.   ‘When your senior managers are personally invested in seeing you make the best of your abilities, you do work harder to come up with the goods,’ he says.

What Engineers Ireland had to say

Speaking at a recent in-house information session on the process of applying for the title of chartered professional engineer, Engineers Ireland’s Evelyn Casey welcomed the support initiative, saying:

It is exciting to see such a focused pathway for graduates aspiring to become chartered.  We know that this excellent initiative will be highly beneficial for the participants.