What we do

Roughan & O'Donovan is a leading provider of transport planning services, including traffic and transport assessments, traffic modelling analysis and traffic engineering design.


We have extensive experience in the design of traffic and transport solutions for national government, local government and private developers in Ireland and the UK.

We investigate the real world conditions on every project to ensure delivery of robust traffic modelling, analysis and design. 


Projects such as the Applegreen MSAs, Blake's Corner and Techrete demonstrate how, by working closely with scheme owners and the relevant planning and road authorities, we can deliver tailored transport solutions to clients.

  • We believe on-site investigation is crucial to understanding the workings of a traffic system.

    Seamus MacGearailt

    Seamus MacGearailt



We use an array of technologies, models and simulations to provide robust and sustainable transport solutions to clients.  Our modelling software includes:

  • S-Paramics
  • TranSYT
  • Oscady Pro
  • Oscady
  • Arcady
  • Picady

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