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Lewis Feely

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The network intelligence and management system (NIMS) is an overarching, adaptive computer system designed to replace TII's existing active traffic management system and allow the state agency to provide a more integrated road management service to road users.

The NIMS solution is critical to the operation of variable speed limits and lane control signals on the M50. As such, it was procured, and is currently being developed, in parallel with the M50 Traffic Flow Optimisation project.  

NIMS will support TII in delivering primary, supporting and affiliated services, including:

  • management of traffic flow to deliver safe, stable and predictable journey times on the M50
  • coordination of incident responses with the emergency services and incident response units from other contractors
  • capturing and disseminating traffic information to road users via a variety of mediums, including roadside variable message signs, social media and the TII Traffic website


  • The collaborative approach adopted by TII and their supporting organisations to inform the evolving vision for the service and how NIMS could support that service
  • The integration of the C-Roads Ireland CEF-funded C-ITS pilot into the development of NIMS, thereby future-proofing the solution
  • Successful management of the procurement process for the NIMS solution, from market consultation through to the competitive dialogue process 


NIMS is an innovative management system that provides TII with the technological framework to enhance and integrate its processes and those of its affiliated organisations to deliver motorway operational services. The project includes the integration / replacement of TII’s existing support systems and the provision of ongoing support services.

NIMS is designed to receive and integrate information from multiple roadside traffic monitoring devices and provide control centre operators with a comprehensive view of real-time conditions on the motorway network. 

NIMS will collect, aggregate and use data gathered by intelligent transport system (ITS) equipment installed on the motorway network, including incident detectors and CCTV cameras, for use in real-time operations, as well as in future planning and investment decision-making.  Located in the Motorway Operations Control Centre, NIMS will be operated 24/7 365 days a year and enable TII to implement international best practice when operating the motorway network.

The NIMS system will be complemented by a state-of-the-art, 3m-high, 15m-wide, 4.2-million-pixel video wall displaying real-time feeds from the motorway CCTV camera network. The video wall gives control centre operators visibility of every centimetre of the M50, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With the real-time information gathered by NIMS, operators will be able to monitor traffic on the motorway network and implement the appropriate operational response.


As Ireland’s growing population of drivers and commuters puts more and more stress on our road network, new strategies and better tools are needed to keep motorists safe and prevent traffic congestion.

The NIMS system demonstrates TII’s readiness to adapt the management of our road network to encourage a more efficient, flexible and dynamic service.  NIMS will enable control centre operators to use real-time data on traffic volumes, traffic speed, weather information and road surface conditions to keep motorists informed about expected travel times and traffic conditions, so they can better plan their journey or choose an alternative route.

When sensors detect increasing traffic volumes on the motorway, operators will lower speed limits on the variable speed limit signs (VSL) on overhead gantries– before congestion occurs.  This will reduce the number of ‘stops and starts’ and sudden braking on the motorway, keeping traffic moving safely and efficiently.

When an incident or collision occurs, operators will co-ordinate activities with emergency responders to safely clear incidents from the road and use lane control signs close lanes to manage traffic flow and reduce the risk of secondary accidents.

Services provided:

  • Engineering consultancy
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Contract administration

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