Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has appointed ROD as service provider for the MCAAS-2 Region West (MCAAS-2RW) commission. Region West includes 291km of national road maintained by Colas Roadbridge under the MMaRC 2G Network B contract and 148km of national road maintained under PPP contracts.

Under MCAAS-2RW, ROD will provide network audit, contract administration and advisory services to TII for the MMaRC 2G and PPP operations and maintenance contracts within the region. The commission is for a five-year base term with scope for a further two years of extension.

MCAAS-2RW Director and Chairman of ROD, Harry Meighan, commented: “ROD’s appointment to the MCAAS-2 Region West commission represents a significant achievement for the company. It is not only an important addition to our asset management portfolio, but it also provides opportunities to realise synergies with our ongoing services for TII on the enhancing Motorway Operations Services (eMOS) and the Risk-based Geometric Design (Ribgeom) commissions, and our research work on the CEDR Interlink project ‘Asset Management using BIM’. We look forward to working with TII and the maintaining organisations over the next five to seven years.”





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