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  • River Erne Bridge

    River Erne Bridge

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    Setting a benchmark for the use of long span bridges to cross sensitive environmental sites, particularly Natura 2000 sites
  • Northern Spire Bridge

    Northern Spire Bridge

    A soaring statement bridge

    A magnificent structure arcing imperiously over the River Wear in Sunderland
  • Mary McAleese Bridge

    Mary McAleese Boyne Valley Bridge

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    A visually striking bridge widely regarded as one of the most impressive civil engineering feats in Ireland
  • Joe Dolan Memorial Bridge

    Joe Dolan Memorial Bridge

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    One of the longest bridges in Ireland and the final link of the Mullingar Western Relief Road
  • James Joyce Bridge

    James Joyce Bridge

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    A daring, white, steel and concrete, single span structure set in the heart of Dublin city
  • Fourth Bridge Panama Canal

    Fourth bridge over the Panama canal

    Man, city and bridge united

    A bridge linking western business districts and communities to Panama city